An 82-minute film set in the vineyards of Kosovo and beaches of Montenegro, The Kingdom is winner of 23 film festival awards. This heartwarming movie captures the power of forgiveness and reconciliation along life’s winding journey. 

In the aftermath of the human rights tragedies that Kosovo endured between 1998 and 2001, this family story offers a shining example of steadfast love that restores trust and instills hope for a better life.


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Fatmir, a pampered vineyard owner’s son, hopes to make a name for himself. Sponsoring a smooth-talking artist, he’s swindled and loses everything. Haunted by his brother’s words of failure, Fatmir is determined to prove him wrong. As things go from bad to worse, will Fatmir find the courage to return home?

“I think it is an absolutely outstanding film! The production quality is wonderful, acting, photography, everything. I cried twice. This is a top-quality film!

— Owen Carey Jones

Producer/Director; Rough Cut, The Spell, A Mind of Her Own

“An old iconic story told in such a modern and beautiful way.”

CLI Film Festival

“Italians eat this stuff up. This is going to be very successful here. There is nothing like it. There is absolutely nothing like it. I know it’s going to have great, great success.”

Nicolas Girard, Italian Pastor


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